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Ydda zakayi install din Termux Emoji Prompt

Termux Emoji PromptWhat is Termux Emoji Prompt?Whenever you use any terminal you see a dollar sign ($)  and after that dollar sign you can type whatever you want and press enter to execute it. That dollar sign is called as prompt or PS1.  Termux emoji prompt is a basic script that will help you to add random emoji every time you execute any command.  The Emojis will be random on every line and as you know emojis have multiple colours and those colourful emojis are going to add something new to that black and white terminal that we normally use.

How to Install Termux Emoji Prompt:

curl -fLo emoji.txt

cat emoji.txt >> "/data/data/com.termux/files/usr/etc/bash.bashrc" && rm emoji.txt


After you restart your termux you will see a random Emoji in your bash prompt, and whenever you press enter or execute any command you will see a different Emoji every time. If you want to test the script, you can
just press enter multiple times, and you will see a lot of emojis on different lines.

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