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yadda zakayi install din XLR8_BOMBER on Termux

What is XLR8_BOMBER in Termux:If you know about hacking you know that, one of the most fatal hacker attacks is the Dos (denial of service) attack. XLR8_BOMBER is a Dos attack tool for SMS, it sends 100s of SMS as well as calls on someone’s phone so that they cannot use their phone properly.

How to install XLR8_BOMBER on Termux?

apt update && apt upgrade -y

pkg install git -y

git clone


How to Use XLR8_BOMBER on Termux Step 1:

To run this tool you just have to run the file in termux and the tool will automatically install the requirements and then after installation, it will run the actual tool. Keep in mind that if you restart termux then you first need to change your directory to the XLR8_BOMBER folder 


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