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how to hack LAN network with evil limitar

Evil Limiter is a network hacking tool


  • Linux distribution
  • Python 3 or greater

Possibly missing python packages will be installed during the installation process.


git clone
cd evillimiter
sudo python3 install

Alternatively, you can download a desired version from the Release page.


Type evillimiter or python3 bin/evillimiter to run the tool.

evillimiter will try to resolve required information (network interface, netmask, gateway address, …) on its own, automatically.

Command-Line Arguments

-hDisplays help message listing all command-line arguments
-i [Interface Name]Specifies network interface (resolved if not specified)
-g [Gateway IP Address]Specifies gateway IP address (resolved if not specified)
-m [Gateway MAC Address]Specifies gateway MAC address (resolved if not specified)
-n [Netmask Address]Specifies netmask (resolved if not specified)
-fFlushes current iptables and tc configuration. Ensures that packets are dealt with correctly.
--colorlessDisables colored output

evillimiter Commands

scan (--range [IP Range])Scans your network for online hosts. One of the first things to do after start.
--range lets you specify a custom IP range.
For example: scan --range or just scan to scan the entire subnet.
hosts (--force)Displays all the hosts/devices previously scanned and basic information. Shows ID for each host that is required for interaction.
--force forces the table to be shown, even when it doesn’t fit the terminal.
limit [ID1,ID2,...] [Rate] (--upload) (--download)Limits bandwidth of host(s) associated to specified ID. Rate determines the internet speed.
--upload limits outgoing traffic only.
--download limits incoming traffic only.
Valid rates: bit, kbit, mbit, gbit
For example: limit 4,5,6 200kbit or limit all 1gbit
block [ID1,ID2,...] (--upload) (--download)Blocks internet connection of host(s) associated to specified ID.
--upload limits outgoing traffic only
--download limits incoming traffic only.
free [ID1,ID2,...]Unlimits/Unblocks host(s) associated to specified ID. Removes all further restrictions.
add [IP] (--mac [MAC])Adds custom host to host list. MAC-Address will be resolved automatically or can be specified manually.
For example: add or add --mac 1c:fc:bc:2d:a6:37
monitor (--interval [time in ms])Monitors bandwidth usage of limited host(s) (current usage, total bandwidth used, …).
--interval sets the interval after bandwidth information get refreshed in milliseconds (default 500ms).
For example: monitor --interval 1000
analyze [ID1,ID2,...] (--duration [time in s])Analyzes traffic of host(s) without limiting to determine who uses how much bandwidth.
--duration specifies the duration of the analysis in seconds (default 30s).
For example: analyze 2,3 --duration 120
watchShows current watch status. The watch feature detects when a host reconnects with a different IP address.
watch add [ID1,ID2,...]Adds specified host(s) to the watchlist.
For example: watch add 6,7,8
watch remove [ID1,ID2,...]Removes specified host(s) from the watchlist.
For example: watch remove all
watch set [Attribute] [Value]Changes current watch settings. The following attributes can be changed:
range is the IP range to scan for reconnects.
interval is the time to wait between each network scan (in seconds).
For example: watch set interval 120
clearClears the terminal window.
quitQuits the application.
?, helpDisplays command information similar to this one.

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