Yadda ake aiki da DEVPLOIT tool for (information gathering)

A wannan video zamu koya muku yadda ake aiki da Devploit wurin yin information gathering complete guide.



Devploit is a simple python script to Information Gathering

★ Download:

● git clone https://github.com/joker25000/Devploit

★ How to use:

cd Devploit

chmod +x install


Run in Terminal


(To run in Android you do not install file Run direct python2 Devploit)

★ Properties :

● DNS Lookup ● Whois Lookup ● GeoIP Lookup ● Subnet Lookup ● Port Scanner ● Extract Links ● Zone Transfer ● HTTP Header ● Host Finder ● IP-Locator ● Traceroute ● Host DNS Finder ● Revrse IP Lookup ● Collection Email ● Install & Update ● About Me ● Exit

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