Termux Ani-Cli

What is Termux Ani-Cli?

Normally, people use browsers to watch anime, where they see a lot of irrelevant and awful ads.  Some of those sites even have pop-up ads, and we all know how terrible those pop-up ads are. Since you are a Termux user, you can just use Ani-Cil tool in termux to watch anime without any ads or any delay.

How to Install Ani-CLI in your Termux
To install Ani-CLI?

you need to run multiple commands but for you guys I have combined all the command in a single command, Just copy the complete command below and directly paste it inside the termux and then everything will be automatically installed in no time.

pkg update -y ; pkg install git make termux-tools ncurses-utils openssl-tool -y ; git clone https://github.com/pystardust/ani-cli ; cd ani-cli ; cp ani-cli $PREFIX/bin/ani-cli ; chmod +x $PREFIX/bin/ani-cli ; echo 'termux-open "$2"' > $PREFIX/bin/mpv ; chmod +x $PREFIX/bin/mpv ; cd ; mkdir .cache

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