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all in one tool for hacking and informaion gathering

How to install lazymux all in one hacking tool for hackers

Lazymux is a tool that helps you to install and use multiple penetration testing and hacking tools on Android system with ease. It allows users to easily install and use a variety of popular tools such as Nmap, SQLMap, and Metasploit. The tool is simple to use, as you only need to type a command to install and use any of the tools. Lazymux is an open-source project and can be a very helpful tool for penetration testing and ethical hacking tasks.

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  • Tool Installation
    Install Single Tool
    lzmx > set_install 1
    Install Multi Tool
    lzmx > set_install 1 2 3 4
    Install All Tool
    lzmx > set_install @
  • Default Dir Install On lazymux.conf replace symbol ~ with directory you want
    Example: lazymux.conf
    HOME = /sdcard


• Python 3.x

Installation and Using Lazymux

apt install python git
git clone
cd Lazymux

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