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Yadda ake hacking na kowana iren website with cmseek. WordPress, Joomla, Drupal etc.

Yadda ake hacking na kowana iren website with cmseek

What is a CMS?

A content management system (CMS) manages the creation and modification of digital content. It typically supports multiple users in a collaborative environment. Some noteable examples are: WordPress, Joomla, Drupal etc.

Release History

- Version 1.1.3 [25-07-2020]
- Version 1.1.2 [19-05-2019]
- Version 1.1.1 [01-02-2019]
- Version 1.1.0 [28-08-2018]
- Version 1.0.9 [21-08-2018]
- Version 1.0.8 [14-08-2018]
- Version 1.0.7 [07-08-2018]

Changelog File

Functions Of CMSeek:

  • Basic CMS Detection of over 180 CMS
  • Drupal version detection
  • Advanced Wordpress Scans
    • Detects Version
    • User Enumeration
    • Plugins Enumeration
    • Theme Enumeration
    • Detects Users (3 Detection Methods)
    • Looks for Version Vulnerabilities and much more!
  • Advanced Joomla Scans
    • Version detection
    • Backup files finder
    • Admin page finder
    • Core vulnerability detection
    • Directory listing check
    • Config leak detection
    • Various other checks
  • Modular bruteforce system
    • Use pre made bruteforce modules or create your own and integrate with it

Requirements and Compatibility:

CMSeeK is built using python3, you will need python3 to run this tool and is compitable with unix based systems as of now. Windows support will be added later. CMSeeK relies on git for auto-update so make sure git is installed.

Installation and Usage:

It is fairly easy to use CMSeeK, just make sure you have python3 and git (just for cloning the repo) installed and use the following commands:

  • git clone
  • cd CMSeeK
  • pip/pip3 install -r requirements.txt

For guided scanning:

  • python3


  • python3 -u <target_url> […]

Help menu from the program:

       python3 (for guided scanning) OR
       python3 [OPTIONS] <Target Specification>

      -u URL, --url URL            Target Url
      -l LIST, --list LIST         Path of the file containing list of sites
                                   for multi-site scan (comma separated or one-per-line)

      -i cms, --ignore--cms cms    Specify which CMS IDs to skip in order to
                                   avoid flase positive. separated by comma ","

      --strict-cms cms             Checks target against a list of provided
                                   CMS IDs. separated by comma ","

      --skip-scanned               Skips target if it's CMS was previously detected.

      --follow-redirect            Follows all/any redirect(s)
      --no-redirect                Skips all redirects and tests the input target(s)

      -r, --random-agent           Use a random user agent
      --googlebot                  Use Google bot user agent
      --user-agent USER_AGENT      Specify a custom user agent

      -v, --verbose                Increase output verbosity

      --update                     Update CMSeeK (Requires git)
      --version                    Show CMSeeK version and exit

      -h, --help                   Show this help message and exit
      --clear-result               Delete all the scan result
      --batch                      Never ask you to press enter after every site in a list is scanned

      python3 -u                           # Scan
      python3 -l /home/user/target.txt                 # Scan the sites specified in target.txt (comma separated)
      python3 -u --user-agent Mozilla 5.0  # Scan using custom user-Agent Mozilla is 5.0 used here
      python3 -u --random-agent            # Scan using a random user-Agent
      python3 -v -u                        # enabling verbose output while scanning

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