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A-Z Complete Termux Commands List

Certainly! Here is an A-Z list of commonly used Termux commands:

aapt : Android Asset Packaging Tool
adb : Android Debug Bridge
apktool : Tool for reverse engineering Android APK files
apt : Package manager for Termux
apt-get : Package management command-line tool
awk : Text processing language
base32 : Encode or decode base32 data
base64 : Encode or decode base64 data
bison : Parser generator
c++filt : Demangle C++ symbols
cc : C compiler
chsh : Change default shell
clear : Clear the terminal screen
cmake : Cross-platform build system
curl : Command-line tool for making HTTP requests
diff : Compare files line by line
du : Estimate file and directory space usage
echo : Print text to the terminal
emacs : Extensible text editor
find : Search files in a directory hierarchy

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